All working professionals including engineers require continuous updating their knowledge and skills to improve working competency and efficiency. University of Engineering and Technology Lahore has started Continuing Professional Development amongst its growing community of professional engineers having planned series of short courses and workshops in addition to many other academic and professional activities.
This workshop has been designed to enhance professional’s knowledge about new trends in cements, concretes and construction. This will help the participants to produce durable concrete with lower maintenance and repair issues. The Civil, Transportation, Architectural Engineering graduates, Cement Manufacturers and Students can be benefitted in their professional field of work and Research.

The course contents will include:

  • Types of international cements
  • Strength gain in concrete.
  • Chemical admixtures and SCM/ Mineral admixture/ pozzolans
  • Producing concrete of desired characteristics (special concretes)
  • Durability issues: Controlling Corrosion, Alkali aggregate , sulphate attacks, Freezing n thawing and cracks issues
  • Concrete tests (Destructive , Non destructive)
  • Introduction of very fast track construction using
  • How to write research proposals to win grants.

A certificate of one CPD point will be awarded to the participants.

1. Civil Engineer, Architectural Engineers, Architects, Transportation Engineers, Site engineers, Construction material researchers, cement manufacturers.
2. Full time Science and Engineering Students

Course Fee:

  • Rs. 3000 for working engineers/Scientists
  • Rs. 1500 for faculty
  • Rs. 1000 for students

Course Date: 26-09- 2018